Where I've Been

Yeah...don't know what I'm doing writing wise anymore. Here at least. I feel guilty about not updating this, especially since my main reason for having a blog is to keep track of my own life. I usually fear that I will forget everything. Yep! This has been a pretty stellar week, oddly enough. I started my new job as a page at The Late Show, and all the fears I had were pretty immediately silenced once I got there. It's fun, a fun job. And I'm back at Late Show in some capacity. And I got to see Rainn Wilson on my birthday, so that was awesome.

Tuesday I got to go to Six Flags with some great friends. I liked this. The day got 5.5 flags, the rain that came in knocking off the half a flag. We met costumed critters!
We also spent the weekend before at Matt Mayer's pool house, or Fort Mayer as I called it. I was reminded all weekend long how much fun my friends are, and how much I love spending an unstoppable amount of time with them. I didn't shower all weekend and slept on a hardwood floor one night, and it was still so awesome due to company. Here are eight of the minutes from the epic Fourth of July weekend.

I also got asked to submit to be a Maude writer (a.k.a a sketch writer) for UCB by the artistic director on Thursday morning. That was unexpected and completely mind-blowing, a big ol' pat on my back that I didn't really need (I had such a great time in 201 and I was already feeling good about myself) but it undoubtably heightened my outlook and mood and perception from feeling really good to feeling really great. Even if I don't get it, it's so flattering to have been suggested and gotten the opportunity. A world of wow.

So many good things are happening to me and my friends right now. Is 2009 turning around? Did I jinx it by writing this?

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