Halloween 2009 - Time To Choose

I've pretty much decided to be one of the following. Since both costumes are almost identical (which I didn't realize until today), it really comes down to the accessories. Which is better, public?


Pros: Banshee is an X-Man and I made a vow to always be X-Men for Halloween. I would love the chance to have red hair and sideburns on Halloween AND talk in an Irish accent. Plus that cape looks like a lot of fun.

Cons: It's overall not as exciting and hilarious as my other choice. Plus yellow boots are a pain and I'd probably have to do the converse and yellow knee socks again this year. And the less amount of time I have to wear yellow rubber gloves, the better.



Pros: I'd get to wear actual shoes I could actually find somewhere. I wouldn't have to wear rubber gloves. I'd get to have a bare chest and capri pants, which is just hilarious to me. This is more iconic.

Cons: It's not an X-Man and it's actually a character I know less about. I love the recent Immortal Iron Fist series, but I have a bit of poseur guilt since I haven't read anything starring Iron Fist pre-2007. I could change my vow to always be a Marvel Character, which isn't that big a stretch. Also I could foresee that mask getting annoying...but if I wanted to go super authentic I could dye my hair blonde for the night.

I think Iron Fist is more fun just because he's probably one of the only heroes who DON'T have implausible gloves or boots. But Banshee is actually an X-Man and one I like. VOTE ON THIS.


Dan! said...


Sideburns, man!

Claspy said...

Iron Fist! Mostly for the badass chest tattoo.

kulabocca said...


iron fist, dude!

Jim Gibbons! said...

You definitely have the naturally buoyant hair to pull that off nicely. I'm not sure you have a bitchin' enough chest to have a v-neck that low for Iron Fist. So, yeah, Banshee. SOLID!

jennifer said...

since the latter makes you show more skin, i vote that one.

Kropinak said...

Iron Fist.

kulabocca said...

He chose...poorly.

Kandou Erik said...

Hi. I like you're blog. I was wondering if you might like to trade links with me. I already put your site on my blog list.


Also - I really loved the X-Men Cards feature. Any chance you might do other sets, like the X-Men Series II?

Sorry for putting a message here. I couldn't find an email on your page.