X15: Favorite Covers 100-91

X15 is a series of blog posts celebrating the 15 years of x-fandom I have experienced. From the 15th anniversary of first seeing the X-Men in Fox's animated series (late October 1992) to the 15th anniversary of my first comic book purchase (January 1993), I will explore every facet of Professor Charles Xavier's gifted youngsters.

More so than issues or single panel images themselves, comic book covers stick out in my mind as some of the most iconic and innovative works of art in the medium. When done right, a cover conveys what the issue is about in an exciting and eye-catching way. When done wrong, a cover is merely a pin up, a cheap pose by a popular character (Wolverine) to sell issues and maybe look good on a t-shirt. I've gone through my comic collection and beyond to find my 100 favorite covers of all time, in order!

100. X-Men Unlimited #1
Chris Bachalo, June 1993

99. Generation Next #1
Chris Bachalo, March 1995
98. Captain Marvel (volume 4) #21
Chriscross, September 2001

97. New Mutants #100
Rob Liefeld, April 1991

96. Uncanny X-Men #334
Joe Madureira, July 1996

95. New Mutants #60
Bret Blevins, February 1988

94. X-Men #112
George Perez, August 1978

93. X-Men #59
Neal Adams, August 1969
92. X-Factor #130
Jeff Matsuda, January 1997

91. X-Force #51
Adam Pollina, February 1996

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