Comics: X-Factor #36

January 1989
Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciler: Walter Simonson
Inker: Bob Wiacek
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Petra Scotese
Editor: Bob Harras
Editor In Chief: Tom DeFalco

This is a fine issue. Beast and Iceman battle a demonized subway train while Marvel Girl and Cyclops re-enter Manhattan by mini-jet and fight their way through tons of airborne goblins. Beast and Trish Tilby face each other after Beast's re-furry-ization and deal with that (she's okay with it eventually) and the original five X-Men are once again reunited on the last panel when Archangel (or Angel...or Death...can't remember what he's going by at this point) swoops in. Trish Tilby is a well-rounded character with as many strengths and weaknesses as the main cast and there's a real sense of importance in that last panel when the core X-Factor unit is reunited after almost a year's worth of issues spent apart.

MY SCORE: 8/10

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